Our Policies

In this section you can download some of the key policies and processes that we must follow for our various areas of activity.

If the policy you are looking for is not listed here, or if you would like more information, please contact us.  Hard copies can be requested by contacting your local office.

Policy Documents
File Description File Size
Access to Information Policy V.1 10.19 PDF icon 117 Kb
Asset Management Strategy PDF icon 2700 Kb
Asbestos Management Policy PDF icon 344 Kb
Code of Conduct for Staff PDF icon 518 Kb
Code of Conduct for Committee Members PDF icon 263 Kb
Common Factoring Policy PDF icon 89 Kb
Compensation for Improvements PDF icon 40 Kb
Complaints Policy PDF icon 206 Kb
Delegated Authorities and Terms of Reference for Sub Commitees PDF icon 133 Kb
Data Protection Policy PDF icon 136 Kb
Entitlements Payment and Benefits Policy PDF icon 84 Kb
Equality and Diversity Policy PDF icon 66 Kb
Expenses Policy v6 08.19 PDF icon 131 Kb
F.06 Financial Regulations V.6 11.19 PDF icon 142 Kb
Gas Safety Policy PDF icon 143 Kb
Health and Safety Policy PDF icon 117 Kb
Home Argyll Allocations PDF icon 275 Kb
Membership Policy PDF icon 52 Kb
H.05 Neighbour Disputes, Harassment and ASB Policy V.3 11.19 PDF icon 173 Kb
M.11 Procurement Policy PDF icon 227 Kb
C.10 Publication Scheme-Guide to Information V1.3 01.20 PDF icon 222 Kb
Records Management Policy V.1 10.19 PDF icon 81 Kb
Rent Policy V.6 03.19 PDF icon 156 Kb
Rent Arrears and Prevention Policy PDF icon 44 Kb
Rechargeable Repairs v.......5 10.17 PDF icon 129 Kb
Repairs and Maintenance Policy PDF icon 113 Kb
Right to Repair V4 05.16 PDF icon 28 Kb
Risk Management Policy PDF icon 119 Kb
H.32 Tenant Participation Strategy V.5 11.19 PDF icon 267 Kb
Standing Orders V3 08.19 PDF icon 188 Kb
H.34 Tenancy Management Policy V.5 11.19 PDF icon 126 Kb
F.03 Treasury Management Policy V8 11.19 PDF icon 92 Kb
Void Management Policy V5 05.19 PDF icon 188 Kb
Water Systems Management Policy PDF icon 101 Kb
Whistleblowing Policy PDF icon 76 Kb

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