Consultation Documents

Our tenants have a right to be consulted on key Policies and proposals that may have an impact on them.

Section 8.4 of the Scottish Secure Tenancy agreement (SST) that our tenants sign up to states that we will consult our tenants when we propose to make or change: 

  • Policies regarding housing management, repairs and maintenance if the proposal is likely to significantly affect tenants
  • Proposals for changes in rent and service charges
  • Proposals for the sale or transfer of our housing to another landlord
  • Performance standards or targets in relation to housing management repairs and maintenance
  • Our tenant participation strategy

We will take into account any views that tenants have before making a final decision. Any consultation with tenants will include giving tenants comprehensive information in an accessible format and reasonable time to express views.

Latest Consultation News

Annual Review

Registered Social Landlords and their governing bodies now have to submit an Annual Assurance Statement which confirms whether they are satisfied the landlord is meeting the standards required within the framework.

One area affected is in the reporting of performance to tenants and other service users no later than October each year, which Fyne Homes already achieves.

 However two areas which require attention from Tenant Participation are:

  • agree format of performance reporting with tenants and ensure accessible with plain and jargon free language
  •  give tenants and service users a way to feedback views on style and form of reporting

To ensure that Fyne Homes adheres to these requirements, a number of tenants were consulted on these points. The tenants were presented with a copy of Fyne Homes latest Annual Review and also copies of 3 other housing associations Annual Reviews to allow them to compare the content, format and language. The housing associations used were:- River Clyde Homes, Queens Cross HA and Paisley HA.

The tenants were asked to focus on, but not limited to the following areas of the Annual Review with some suggestions for guidance:-

  • Layout
  • Content
  • Photos      
  • Graphics
  • Quality

 Once the responses are received and collated these will be passed on to management and committee for consideration.

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